September 13, 2010


I want to welcome you all to my new home on the web. There's not much here now, but I hope that that will change very shortly. Let me tell you a little bit what I hope you will see here.

First, this blog will be the best place to receive updates about my fiction. Find out about new stories, new releases and new acceptances. Find out where you can find pieces that you've missed. I'll also post some short pieces here from time to time.

Second, find out about what I'm reading. I review books for a few other websites, and I will link to those reviews as they're published. I may also review other books here from time to time.

Third, I am going to be blogging about what I mean by "haiku fiction." As I grow as a writer, this phrase has come to serve as an emblem for what I'm trying to achieve, at least in most of my stories. Some blogs will attempt to define what I mean by this phrase -- please comment!

Thank you for visiting, and again, welcome!