January 18, 2017

The Butterfly Path: Cover Reveal!

Well, I'm running a little behind on my story series at Amazon, but things *are* moving forward with them. The next one to be released will be "The Butterfly Path." I'm hoping to have the final formatting done in time to release by the end of January.

I'm *very* proud of this story; I consider it one of my personal favorites of all the things I've written. Hopefully you will agree. While you're waiting on the story, though, here's a sneak peek of the cover:

The awesome Carey Abbot did that for me. If you're a writer releasing e-books, check out her pre-made covers--very reasonably priced, and she runs sales from time to time as well.

More on "The Butterfly Path" when it hits Amazon. I'll have a couple of other announcements then too, regarding the next Tale from the Veldt and a few surprises.

Until soon!

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