January 01, 2016

Thoughts on January First

January takes its name from the Roman god Janus, usually depicted as having two faces: one looking forward and one looking back. Having crossed the threshold of the new year, I want to take a little time to do both.

Last year was a good year for my writing. I had over a dozen stories published or republished. Highlights include "The Tale of the White Tiger" appearing in Cast of Wonders and "Butterfly Dreams" running in Flame Tree publishing's beautiful science fiction anthology.

Perhaps the greatest personal satisfaction I received was winning the first-ever tournament at The Writer's Arena. Everyone involved at that site makes writing so much fun. My thanks once again to you all. And more thanks to all the editors who liked my stories and all the readers who keep me writing!

I have lots of big things planned for 2016, and I'd like your help in keeping on track:

  1. I want to finish and be marketing a novel by the end of the year.
  2. I want to write at least one new short story every month.
  3. I want to pick up the Trashling Tales again.

I have a few other ideas too, but more on those as they develop.

How about you? What are your plans/dreams/goals for the year ahead?

I wish you and yours a happy and blessed New Year!


  1. The three goals you've set are definitely passable this year. Have you already begun the novel?

    My current goals are pretty basic right now:
    1 - Build a reader base for my fiction blog.
    2 - Write and edit 30,000 words worth of short stories
    3 - Have three short stories published in fiction magazine(s)

    I'm really hoping I can accomplish these. My obstacles are mostly my lack of writing time, and my energy/motivation during what little free time I have.

    Good luck on your goals! I know I'll need it for mine.

    1. Where is your blog? I'd like to take a look.

      Your 30K goal is certainly possible, depending on how you divide it. That's just 10 stories of 3,000 words: one a month, with two months to edit!

      Since you're kind enough to ask about the novel, I decided to go back and actually finish a project I started several years ago. I'm getting a running start at it by re-working what I have from the beginning. It's a little hard to tell, since I'm (re)writing it out longhand, but I think I have about...12,000 words so far?