November 04, 2011

I'm My Own Kryptonite released!

I've just had the chance to listen to my story "I'm My Own Kryptonite," recently reprinted in podcast form at Wily Writers. The story was first published in the lamented A Thousand Faces magazine. I hope that the podcast will give the story more exposure.

The story is a superhero fantasy, but I hope with a twist. Here's the teaser at WW:

Kenley Williams’s alter ego is killing him. Literally. Is a painful life in the hospital worth everything he goes through as a superhero? Does he have to sacrifice love along with everything else?

I like to think that my writing is always getting better, but this is a tale I'm really proud of. It fits my ideals of haiku fiction perfectly, for the time at which I was writing it. I play with the tenses of the different sections of the story in a way that I hope creates resonances in the reader (or in this case, listener). This is one of the first stories where I feel that my "haiku fiction" voice is really coming through.

Nathan Crowder does an excellent job reading the story. He even pronounces my last name correctly! LOL Best of all, the podcast is a free download.

Please check out "I'm My Own Kryptonite," and let me know what you think!

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